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How Could This Happen To Me? (Part II) – Miracle Mondays

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Here is the conclusion of Jessica’s story from last week.  (If you missed PART I, you will find it in the previous posts.)  This is not the “end” of Jessica’s story – as you will discover – it is a new beginning. 






“The lawyers told us if we claimed bankruptcy, we could stay in our home and the mortgage company could not take it away from us. The lawyers also told us all of our credit card accounts would be closed, and we would not be able to use credit cards for the next 5 years and we would need to make monthly payments to a trustee.   At the end of 5 years, all of our credit cards would be paid off, and we would continue making mortgage payments.  The difference is the mortgage would be up to date.  The lawyer assured us we would be able to stay in our home. It was a difficult choice, but filing bankruptcy allowed us to restructure our debt in order to get back on track.  That was in the beginning of 2014.  Today, we are still in our home, making payments every month to the trustee, and looking forward to 2019 when all of the credit cards will be paid in full.

 We have learned to live without using credit cards or buying anything new on credit. We have learned to live within our means and only spend the money we make. If we need to buy something, we have to save for it. We try to keep money in savings for any emergencies, such as car repairs, home repairs, appliances, dental, or medical bills; all the things you cannot foresee, yet they sometimes happen.  It’s actually been good for us to learn to spend only what we make and not be able to pull out a credit card any time we want to buy something new.  It took us a long time to learn this lesson, but it’s about time. We have both attended the Dave Ramsey classes more than once over the years, so we had heard his teachings about being financially responsible.  I’ve always known what I was supposed to be doing financially, but I wasn’t doing it!  Dave says, “Live like you’ve never lived before, so YOU CAN LIVE LIKE YOU’VE NEVER LIVED BEFORE!!!”

 You may have to live frugally for a while, in order to someday be free of debt. It’s okay to shop at Goodwill or thrift stores. I love getting a good deal on something!  I wish I had been doing that all my life.  It is well worth it! I want to be able to retire someday and travel.  I’m going to need money then too, so if I have to buy used furniture or have yard sales to make some money, I’m okay with that.  I won’t lie,  sometimes I feel bad telling people I can’t afford something, but that is a pride thing.  That is my own foolish pride.  The important thing is God knows what I’m doing, and why I’m doing it! I don’t need to buy the most expensive products or the most expensive clothes or makeup.  If others judge me, I’m okay with that.  My true friends love me for me, not for how much money I spend on clothes or makeup.  Remember, it’s not what kind of car you drive, or how much money you have in the bank or what college you went to, it’s how you make people feel when they are around you.  So I hope I am making people feel good when they are around me.  God is the only judge I need!  I know we will get through this, and we’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way!  Although I’m happy we’ve learned this lesson at this point in our lives, I just wish we would have learned it sooner. But God’s timing is not our timing, and thankfully, God has a plan for us. 

Sometimes it takes going through something like this to make the changes in your life that you need to make.  People have to do what is best for them without looking to others for approval. If God is for me, who can be against me?   If God was trying to teach me something through all of this, it’s okay with me, and I’m happy for that. I need all the help I can get, and I want that help from God! I say, “Father, teach me everything I need to know, because I’m all ears!” My faith has gotten me through this, and I will keep believing that God’s Got This! God is my strength through everything I go through!   

We live in a beautiful house, although I could use a maid!  LOL!   We both have good jobs with benefits. I have a 401K,  and my husband has an IRA.  We are blessed! I have to tell myself that every day, and I have learned to be truly grateful for what we have!” 

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Sometimes going through difficult times, we forget to take inventory of everything we should be thankful for.  Jessica’s story is a beautiful example that God is in control, and the challenges in our lives can actually deepen our faith because no part of us or our lives is “too messy” for Him.

Thanks Jessica, for sharing your story!






  • Beverly says:

    That’s wonderful. I’m so glad it was accomplished. We chose a different path 10 years ago. We didn’t have credit card debt. Instead our house payment doubled at a time when I lost a good paying client, and my husband was laid off indefinitely. So we had to let our mini farm go. It was painful, but we did it. Otherwise, we learned the same lessons.

    • Clare says:

      Wow – you had similar struggles and challenges Beverly – thanks for sharing!  I appreciate your thoughts and comments!  Glad you liked the article and thanks for stopping by!

  • Chris Carter says:

    Our church offers Dave Ramsey’s class, and oh how I love that you have a testimony that reveals how God can carry us out of the rubble and into a fresh start!

    • Clare says:

      Thanks Chris – I am glad you can relate to this story and thanks for your comments!  Yes God carries us through and enables us to have a “fresh start”!!!!!   Thanks for sharing!

  • Terri says:

    I use Dave Ramsey and he has so many great tips… I love how you are brave enough to post this story, there are a lot of people who would not.

    • Clare says:

      Oh It’s really my friend “Jessica’s” story – and she is truly brave.  But I have walked through this similar situation due to downsizing and losing jobs, also,  – no fun really – and appreciate your thoughts and comments!

  • I’m so glad I got to read Part 2 as well! I want to encourage you that the many times I have had to say: “We can’t afford that,” it has often made the other person pause and reflect on how healthy financial boundaries, budgeting, and structure can be, so take heart, Jessica, that you could be teaching/modeling well for folks in those tough moments! Blessings!

    • Clare says:

      Bonnie – I’m so glad you checked back and captured Part II as well!  Yes, I know Jessica will receive blessings out of this – and thanks for your words of wisdom and encouragement!  I appreciate it!

  • Amy says:

    Sometimes it takes going through difficult things to realize just how much we already have been blessed! We’ve had two children who had to have a total of 4 heart surgeries and even though we had insurance, it just completely wiped us out for a while. We had to live very frugally for a while, but fully aware of how blessed  and fully abundant our lives were, not in physical things. But in family, love, friends, support.

    • Clare says:

      Wow Amy – you and your family have sure been through it!   Such truths and thanks for sharing that.  Yes for sure – with all our difficulties I can agree thank goodness for family, love, friends and support!  Thanks for your encouraging word!  🙂  🙂


  • Maria Hass says:

    That is a beautiful way to see how God redeemed a situation using painful trials to build good character. It lets us know He’s trustworthy! Thank you for letting us know there’s a light at the end of Jessica’s tunnel.

    • Clare says:

      Thanks Maria – so glad for your kind words and glad, also, that Jessica had a light at the end of the tunnel!  Thanks for the comments!  🙂  🙂


  • RaeAnn says:

    I am so happy y’all got to keep your home. I was driving home from work today and stressed about money. Seems since I moved I can’t catch up!! But the lord spoke to my heart that he is more than enough. Things are tight but is have faith he will provide. Thank you,  very incouraging

    • Clare says:

      RaeAnn- I am so glad Jessica got to keep her home, too.  It is so so hard for all of us to keep up with the day to day struggles that we deal with – but love your words “He is more than enough.”  Thanks for sharing!  Appreciate it!

  • Carol says:

    Wow!  That sure was great!  Very inspiring and a great outlook on what God is doing!  Loved it!

  • Pam says:

    Reading this story and everyone’s responses is so encouraging! So many positive words of wisdom! Thank you Clare! It helps us all to put things in perspective!

    • Clare says:

      Thanks for reading, Pam!  Yes, I am so enjoying the positive responses from the blog!  Thanks for stopping by – glad it is encouraging – it is for me, that’s for sure!   🙂  🙂


  • Tamara says:

    Such an inspiring story, and the comments were also uplifting.  Thank you for a beautiful and important message.  It truly shows God is always in control, and He is strongest when we are weak.  Thanks for sharing Jessica’s story- and for sharing all of the comments- a truly wonderful Miracle Monday!!

    • Clare says:

      Thanks Tamara for your insightful comments!  It is an inspiring story and so glad you were blessed!  Yes God is in control!   🙂  🙂


  • Sarah Ann says:

    I was so looking forward to reading the rest of her story and was not disappointed!  It’s a valuable lesson to all to save up for purchases and to live in our means.  Thanks for the inspiration!

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