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Letting the Cat Outta’ the Bag!

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I love my family…  next to Jesus, it is the single most important thing to me!  Once upon a time, there was a sweet baby girl named Christine, she was our firstborn …..




Christine kept my husband, Mike, and I going with her laughter, her fun, her shenanigans and social personality…. Pop Warner Cheerleading… soccer… plenty of sleepovers, and then, oh my goodness – the teenage years!  But, we survived…..







And then she completed college, got her degree and went off on an adventure to beautiful Costa Rica…. And an adventure it was.




When she returned about two years later, she brought with her a handsome, sweet young man named William….




Then, they got married…..




Now, 2 & ½ years later, I received the most spectacular news….. THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!!!!!


That’s right… I am going to be a grandmother for the first time!!!!!  And I am so, so excited and delighted….. the baby is due early December!  God has blessed us beyond measure and we are so happy! 




Am I going to be one of those grandmothers that posts a million pictures of her grand baby??? Why, of course, probably so!!!!!    


I just had to share our excitement – family and friends! 


Your friend,




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