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Only On The Night Shift

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Hi friends, here’s an amusing story that I hope you enjoy and laugh!   It’s one of my favorites from my dear friend, Tamara:

nurse in hospital


When I was just a few years out of high school, I worked for a short time as a nursing assistant at a nursing home.  They needed people to work the night shift, and although I wasn’t really a night person, I decided I would make the best of it.  Part of my job included checking in on all the residents during the night to make sure they were sleeping well… and also to identify if anyone had died peacefully in their sleep.  In our training, we learned to be very quiet and to carry a mirror and a flashlight. Some people are very shallow breathers when they sleep, but if you hold a mirror just below their nose, the mirror will fog slightly each time they exhale.  One night, after working about two weeks, I went into Mr. Harold’s room.  He was a very pleasant man in his mid-90’s.  When I held the mirror under Harold’s nose… there was no fog.  When I carefully shined the flashlight on his chest, there was no movement.  I leaned my ear near his mouth and nose while turning my head- hoping to see his chest rise…


Man in hospital bed


It was at that very moment, Mr. Harold yelled “GOTCH YA!” as he grabbed my hand.  I nearly passed out from fear and relief.  Of course, Mr. Harold laughed… and then explained it was the best fun.  I told him I was sure he had scared five years off my life… which caused him to laugh even harder. 


scared nurse covering mouth with hand


I learned from Mr. Harold that we create the little moments of enjoyment in our lives, and we are never too old to have some fun!


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