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Simple Beauty Hacks

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Most of us women, no matter what our age, would spend hundreds of dollars, maybe thousands of dollars a year, on beauty products if we could.  I would love to do this – but who has that kind of money to spend?  I mean, I am certainly not against trying new products… and often buy my fair share of them when I can, but sometimes the simplest, most effective products may be right in our own pantry or bathroom vanity.  And really, most of the time, these are a lot less expensive and better for us!

Need a hair mask?  Use Coconut oil.  Massage Coconut oil into your hair and scalp, wrap with a towel and keep on for at least half an hour, but you may also sleep with it in.  Wash hair normally and your hair will love you for it!  So silky and soft!

woman in tropical shower with palm and banana trees

What about a good hair conditioner?  I have a few ideas for you.  Use one-to-one ratio Apple Cider Vinegar to water… pour on hair after washing normally.  Hair smells incredible and is so soft afterwards.  Or try rinsing hair with beer, it helps restore moisture to your hair.

Need a wonderful facial cream for at night?  Again, use Coconut oil. I have recently been using Coconut oil overnight and in the morning; wow is my skin moist!   I can already feel and see a difference.

measuring tablespoon and glass jar coconut cooking oil on a slate rock background

Show your feet some love, please!  When my feet are sore and beginning to get ingrown toenails…. I soak my feet in Bragg’s apple cider vinegar for about 30 minutes (1/2 apple cider vinegar and ½ water). Dry your feet when done.

Another foot soak –  mix ½ apple cider vinegar with ½ Listerine! Listerine’s antiseptic properties will kill fungus, bacteria and germs.   Soak for 15 – 20 minutes.  Dry your feet when done.

Customer soaking feet at salon in glass bowl

After bathing or showering, I put Vaseline on my feet with socks and sleep that way.  Helps with those thick heel calluses (especially those of us that live in warmer climates and wear flip flops year round)!

If you love everything “natural” – here is a simple homemade Vaseline recipe from my niece, Beth, and it is healthier than petroleum jelly, if you know what I mean:

Homemade Vaseline

  • 1/8 cup beeswax (can be bought at any craft store)
  • ½ cup Coconut oil

Melt on low, pour into containers.  Beth suggests using a small pot that is not important as beeswax can be tough to get out.

Put your favorite lipstick on!  Boy – what a difference a little lipstick can make.  Whenever I go out, and I don’t have any lipstick, the first thing I hear from family or friends is, “Clare, are you not feeling well?”  “Are you okay, Clare?” 

Close-up portrait of a beautiful middle aged woman with beautiful red lips

Wear a smile!  It lights up your whole face and shows your inward beauty, too!   Smile and you will begin to feel more beautiful!

Beautiful smiling middle aged woman

Would you like to share with us your simple and most effective beauty hacks?  We would love to hear some of yours!

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Clare is a 57-year-old fun loving Italian-American self-proclaimed “Jersey Girl” who believes, “Life ain’t easy street. Life is one of those crazy little city streets, complete with potholes that could swallow your car.” With one foot planted in fun and the other planted firmly in her Christian faith, Clare enjoys making people laugh while helping them navigate life’s “crazy little city streets”. Clare has raised two girls (now grown young adults) with her husband, Michial, Clare is ready to take on the challenges of making new friends through her blog, Life Ain’t Easy Street. With an aim to entertain while addressing topics important to women, Clare’s focus on the positive power of good stories, good friends, inspiring women, and strong faith will have you looking forward to reading the next post. Clare is a freelance writer who lives a real life in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

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  • Coconut oil is so good for a lot of things. Great $$ saving tips!

    • Clare says:

      Thanks Sheila – glad you like the tips! Yes, I use coconut oil a lot – I put it on my face at night but sometimes on my legs, feet and arms overnight too!

  • Daniela says:

    LOVE coconut oil for like everything. So versatile 🙂

    • Clare says:

      Yes, thanks for sharing Daniela! I sure love it too – I put it all over my face, legs, arms and feet after shower in the evenings! 🙂 🙂

  • Shannon says:

    So many good tips! Sounds like Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil are two products we should always have on hand!

    Clothes & Quotes

  • Cara says:

    This is great, Clare! Coconut oil has so many great beauty uses! I love it!

  • Andrea says:

    Best beauty tip (and it’s free too!)? Water! 🙂

  • GiGi Eats says:

    I need beauty hacks because I know nothing about beauty – ha! I have been using vaseline under my eyes which seems to be kicking some BUTTTTTTTT but when it comes to make up and what not – uh, yeah. NO! lol!!

    Coconut oil on my face = break outs 🙁 Womp Womp!

    • Clare says:

      GiGi – you ARE beautiful! You are naturally pretty – so sorry about the coconut oil breaking out your face – you should see me with it on my face at night! I just love the effects of it! 🙂 🙂

  • Lenora says:

    I use coconut oil everyday but on my hair…. Great post

    • Clare says:

      I need to get in the habit of using coconut oil too on my hair…. especially before pool time! My daughter often does that and then afterwards shampoos and her hair looks beautiful! 🙂

  • What a great set of homemade-beauty-product tips! I love how many wonderful uses coconut oil has. Thank you so much for sharing this wealth of money-saving inspiration. 🙂

    • Clare says:

      Thanks so much, Denay – so glad you love the beauty tips! Yes, coconut oil has so many wonderful uses!

  • María Hass says:

    I love coconut oil! I use it over my lips too. And I didn’t know about the many uses for vinegar so that’s on my list. Honestly the best way to have healthy skin, nail, and hair is to stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water!

    • Clare says:

      Yes, thanks so much for sharing the water tip! It’s so important to drink lots and lots of water – I drink a lot of water – but we could all use some more! Glad you like the other tips, too! Glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts and helpful hints, too!

  • These are incredibly useful! I especially love the coconut oil facial/hair mask. Also I have some foot thing going on right now and am TOTALLY going to be doing the Apple Cider Vinegar and Listerine trick! Thank you!!

    • Clare says:

      Thanks so much Samara! Try the foot thing – I think after a few times, you will see and feel a difference on your feet! I love the coconut oil – I end up putting all over my arms, legs, feet and…. of course face just about every night! 🙂

  • Leigh says:

    I just can’t do the coconut oil thing. It’s the smell and texture–ugh. But I’ll have to try the vinegar foot soak. That sounds refreshing.

  • Tara says:

    Great tips. I have been a big fan of apple cider vinegar and coconut oil for a long time now. They work great.

  • Clare says:

    Thanks Tara… so glad you liked the tips and thanks for sharing you use some of these ingredients and they work! 🙂 🙂

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