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Spotlight – Deborah “A Ray of Sunshine” – Part II

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Hi friends, and welcome back.  If you missed last week’s spotlight on Deborah – please catch up at

Many of you readers asked where Deb works.  She works at Beaches Orthodontics, in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and she has been there since 1998!  Below is a picture of Deborah, Dr. Shreena Patel, Melissa and Sophia.  Look at this beautiful bunch!  




Deborah is one of the most cheerful, upbeat and fun people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  And although life certainly has its ups and downs, with some dark days, if you want anyone to snap you out of it, just hang around Deb for a bit!    




Deborah shares:

“I have a group of very special women in my life.  I make a choice to keep positive women around me.  I might not get to see them every day, but they know how important they are to me.   My life would not be the same without them.  I have found that support, forgiveness, loving and embracing ALL of the differences is what makes life fun!



I truly believe every day is a gift.  Your life should feel the joy of Christmas every day.  You should celebrate your birthday every day if you are given the gift of another day of life and roll out of the bed every day.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t have bad days, it just means I try.

I confess all the time that I am horrible with names, but I will do everything in my power to make sure you feel like the most important person in the world.  And I truly mean it.  I want to help, make a difference and make someone smile, but most of all I want to make someone laugh through the pain and realize there is always something to laugh about.



You could say – I am optimistic!  Realistic is questionable because in my reality, the world I call “my bubble”, people truly matter, but making smiles and hearing laughter is like the heavenly gates opening and angels flying over us.  Laughter is the most beautiful sound in the world.”



Deborah wrote and shared this beautiful poem  … words she tries to live by:

Through all the smiles, there might be tears. 

There is sometimes hope and sometimes fears.

You struggle, you fight with all your might

To make your life worth it and to make it right.

You help, you hold and try not to be too bold.

Your strength and courage are always there.

Through crying and laughter you should always be aware

Each moment we have is not a promise but a special gift.

So look up to the skies and

Our Father will always give you a lift.

In closing, Deborah shares a quote from her mother which are words she tries to live by:  “Love hard, forgive easy, but never forget your worth along the way.” 




I hope you enjoyed our spotlight today on “Deborah Ray” who is truly a “Ray of sunshine”.


~Until next time.



Clare is a 57-year-old fun loving Italian-American self-proclaimed “Jersey Girl” who believes, “Life ain’t easy street. Life is one of those crazy little city streets, complete with potholes that could swallow your car.” With one foot planted in fun and the other planted firmly in her Christian faith, Clare enjoys making people laugh while helping them navigate life’s “crazy little city streets”. Clare has raised two girls (now grown young adults) with her husband, Michial, Clare is ready to take on the challenges of making new friends through her blog, Life Ain’t Easy Street. With an aim to entertain while addressing topics important to women, Clare’s focus on the positive power of good stories, good friends, inspiring women, and strong faith will have you looking forward to reading the next post. Clare is a freelance writer who lives a real life in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

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